What is a Super Mum?

Super Mum...

Super Mum...

There are so many articles around these days about “Super Mum”. It seems that, as Mums, we can’t win. We have to be Super Mum.

For me, being a Super Mum means doing it all, and being good at everything we need to do. If we don’t meet up to that standard, for some reason we are a Bad Mum. In general, we are not good enough. And that is where Mother Guilt comes in.

If we aren’t good at the housework, don’t have time or just don’t want to do it, and we get a cleaner, we are somehow a failure. If we can’t balance the budget every month and get help, we are somehow a failure. And it’s even more than that. We need to be able to sew patches on clothes, make lego creations suitable to be shown in a gallery and cook a gourmet, nutritional meal every night.

I am a single Mum, and doing it all is draining. There are some nights when we have sausages and veggies for dinner as they are quick, easy and the kids enjoy them. But the impression is this isn’t enough.

Being a Mum is tough, even if you have a partner to support you. The expectation, either real or imagined, to be Super Mum leaves so many Mums feeling low and depressed, and generally crappy about being a Mum.

Last Friday night, I heard a broadcast from Focus on the Family and there was a particular part that struck home. The broadcast was talking about home management and the speaker said there are 7 main areas to be managed, and no one is good at all of them, usually we are only good at a couple, and there are a couple we aren’t so good at, or, rather, we are really bad at. There is nothing wrong with asking for help for those areas we are bad at, or even outsourcing those areas.

This prompted me to start this blog and write this post. Lately I have been feeling the pressure to be Super Mum, and, to be honest, I’ve had enough. I don’t know what else I’m going to do with this blog, but for now I say:

Down With Super Mum.


One thought on “What is a Super Mum?

  1. My husband hates that keeping the house tidy is NOT my forte. My house is cluttered all the time. I am great with the kids (at least I hope I am), but not so much with the housework. But part of that is that I need time to write.

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