School holidays – Just hanging Out

Bike riding - lots of fun

So, it’s day 1 of the school holidays here in Victoria. In the last couple of weeks, every newspaper and their add on magazine’s had lists and lists of school holiday activities. Most of these are expensive, however that’s not the biggest “thing” I have with them.

It’s simple, it’s the feeling I’m a “bad mother” if I don’t have every moment of every day booked solid with activities.

One thing I’ve discovered with my kids is that every now and again, they just want to hang out. Even, in some cases, having a “pyjama day” where they spend the day in their PJs.

This morning, we went to a circus workshop with a friend, and now they are taking advantage of the sun and are riding their bikes outside, on their own. We live in a very quiet court, so it’s safe for the kids to ride, also, my boys are 7 and 9 now and LOVE having more responsibility and knowing that I trust them to do the right thing.

So, we have a few activities planned for the holidays, including the ROCK program next week, but for now, the boys are loving just hanging out and riding their bikes.

For me, I am pottering around inside, and getting a job list written for the boys to do when they are bored! Top of the list is to find my camera… it’s somewhere… the picture is a stock image & not one of my boys.


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