Reading the story

Reading the story from the Bible

I wasn’t going to post today, just leave this blog with the Good Friday message I scheduled a week or so ago, but I wanted to share something that happened this morning.

My 9 year old, Mr N, came with me to church while my 7 year old, Mr Z was at his Dads. We had to take Mr N to hospital last night which is why he wasn’t with his Dad too (he is now at his Dads, and the house is quiet). As it is school holidays, there was no Sunday School, and Mr N was in church through the sermon. Part way through he was getting bored, so I opened the Bible at the reading we had this morning and handed it to him, suggesting he read it. So, he started reading the story of Good Friday directly from the Bible – for the first time.

After the sermon, I suggested he pay attention to the service again. His response… “This is too exciting Mum, I want to find out how it ends”! He read through to the end of John’s gospel.

We are Christians, and every Easter the boys come to church and they hear the story in RE and at ROCK every year. We also have children’s stories about Easter that he has read, so it’s not as if he’s not familiar with the story. This was, however, the first time he had sat down and read the story in the Bible before!

Why did I want to share this? Firstly because I was excited at how engaged he was in the story. Secondly, because there’s a simple thing to do if you’re in church and your kids are bored, if they can read, hand them the Bible to read (this would work in any type of religious service, not just Christian). Thirdly because it’s one of those things that we do every year and I hadn’t realised Mr N had never read it from the Bible before – it’s a reminder not to take things for granted. Fourthly, simply because I can!

I hope you’re having a great Good Friday with your family.


2 thoughts on “Reading the story

  1. Hey there, just found you on the new Flog your blog site. Popping over the check you out :O) Will add you to my blog roll to share some blog loving. Thanks for the beautiful message. Caz

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