Things to be grateful for…

A new reader, Caz, has a post on her blog that ends asking us what we’re grateful for. I thought I’d reply with my own post this Easter Sunday.


I am grateful for Easter and what it means. Jesus died and rose again from the dead so we can be right with God. Yes, I’m a Christian.


I am grateful for my amazing family. I have two beautiful boys who are currently “sleeping” (I can hear them from their bedroom!) and fantastic parents. Also my little brother who came and made dinner for us tonight – YUM!


I am grateful for the Internet and the happy discoveries I’ve made recently, especially regarding parenting to my personality. It’s amazing the things you can find just by typing a few words in a search engine.


I am grateful for my writing. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing, I even won some awards when I was in high school, and have just started writing again. My books are coming together nicely and I’m excited about the possibility of having them published at some time in the future. For now, I’m enjoying the journey. Also having fun writing on this blog.

Well, I think that’s a good start. What things are you grateful for?


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