Cross roads, U-Turns and other speed bumps

Life is never a straight road

Life isn’t easy, and it’s not a straight road. When I was in high school looking at career options and what my life would be like, I never imagined that it would end up like it is now.

There have been so many cross roads, u-turns and speed bumps along the way.

As I mentioned in my post the other week about parenting by personality type, I am an INTP, one of the traits of someone with a P personality type is difficulty making decisions – and this is me! It’s also common to question a decision once it’s made, and this is something I do A LOT.

This year, I changed the boys school. For months I agonised over the decision, and when the decision was made, I agonised over whether or not the decision was the right one. Thankfully it’s worked out well and the boys have settled in to their new school really well and are very happy where they are.

In other decisions, things will pop up that will have me questioning decisions made. Some decisions will be reversed, giving a u-turn in my direction, others are decisions I will stick to, making the pop up a speed hump, and others will be confirmed, keeping me going where I’m headed, or even taking me in another new direction.

It’s funny where life can take you. I have some amazing people I can turn to, as well as 2 awesome kids who constantly surprise me, and even they will take me places I never imagined. Anyone who knew me as a kid would laugh at me standing on the sidelines of Auskick cheering my son playing footy, or even taking him to the MCG to watch Geelong play.

Cross roads, u-turns and other speed humps are all part of life. Each bring surprises, challenges and joys, and each takes us further on our journey. Enjoy the journey, you never know where it will take you.


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