Making a cup of tea

Mr N has learned to make a cup of tea

Last night I was watching the Royal Wedding with my Mum, and the boys were watching the Football with my Dad. At one point, 9 year old Mr N came in and Oma (my Mum) asked him for a cup of tea. He had never made tea before, it’s one of those things I keep thinking he should learn to do, I just hadn’t taught him yet.

So, he went off with my Dad giving him instructions on how to make a cup of tea using my tea pot that I got for Christmas.  The tea was great and most appreciated by both me and my Mum.

This morning, Mr N was wanting to make me a cup of tea. Much to his disappointment, I had already made my first cup of the day. We’ve recently got home from Auskick, and he’s just made a delicious cup of tea. Never before has a cup of tea been made so enthusiastically!

This is a new skill for Mr N, and something else I can ask him to do for me 🙂 He’s also telling me that on Mother’s Day and my Birthday, he can make me breakfast in bed (he already knows how to make toast).


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