A new movie afternoon

Watching old videos

Yesterday, the boys were very tired after a late night on Friday night due to watching the football.

On Friday, Mr Z (age 7) had re-discovered that he had been on TV a number of years ago in news reports for my business. So, on Saturday afternoon, I dug out the video’s of these news reports for the boys to watch, along with the raw footage the camera man from the ABC sent me.

They were fascinated by seeing their much younger selves on TV, they were about 3 and 1 when the news reports were filmed. We also have an old video we took of Mr N when he was about 10 months old to send to his Aunty who was in Hungary at the time, though that one wasn’t as interesting as they weren’t both in the movie!

Watching this old footage was fascinating, more for the boys reactions than the footage itself. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and we need to get the video transferred to DVD so Mr Z can take the reports to school for show and tell.


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