Embrace your parenting style

Embrace your parenting style

There are so many different parenting styles out there, and so many different theories on what is best.  For new parents, especially, it can be daunting.

In the Sunday Age yesterday, there was a great article in one of their magazine about the politics of parenting, looking at a some of the issues with parenting and some of the different parenting styles.

It’s taken me nearly nine and a half years to work out the best parenting style! The best parenting style is the one that works best for me and my children.

My parenting style could be called a “mish mash”. There are elements of so many different styles in the way I do things. There are elements of attachment parenting, free range parenting, and a sprinkling of many other styles.

I have blogged about parenting by your personality before, and I come back to it again! Different personality types suit different parenting styles. For example, there is no way I would be able to stick to a rigid, by the clock, routine. It would drive me crazy and wouldn’t work. For other Mums, this suits them perfectly.

My advice to any mother is to embrace their parenting style. This is the one that works best for her and her partner and her children. There is no single “perfect” way to parent. Different methods work best for different families.

So embrace your parenting style. Work out the best way for you and your family and be proud.

For me, I love my mish mash style of parenting. I’ll share more about it in future posts, this post is getting long enough 🙂


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