Going for “coffee”

More than just coffee...

I don’t drink coffee. I simply don’t like the taste. However, I do “go out for coffee” with family and friends.

The act of going for coffee is simply going out to a cafe and catching up. My friends generally have a coffee of some description while I’ll have a cup of tea or chai or hot chocolate. Sometimes I don’t feel like a hot drink, so I’ll have a soft drink or juice.

The whole point is to spend some time with a friend catching up.

One time this did get me in trouble. I was out with a friend who didn’t realise I don’t like coffee, and she went and bought me a latte. I was quite embarrassed explaining that I don’t drink coffee. Turns out she was happy for the extra coffee while I went and got a hot chocolate.

Going for coffee is a great way to catch up with friends and family members. Most often, we catch up when the kids are at school, or on the weekend – the kids will have a babychino, and we’ll catch up somewhere with a playground. The best part is I can have a social life without worrying about getting a babysitter.

So, go and catch up for a coffee with a friend. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink coffee, or tea, or even hot drinks! Simply sit and catch up with a friend.


2 thoughts on “Going for “coffee”

  1. So true. Coffee seems to mean relationship in many ways. Even at home I’ll always make people a coffee (or tea or milo) before we sit down to chat. So comforting 🙂

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