Mother’s Day – on my own

On my own, but still special

I am a single Mum. One of the things that means is my kids are with their Dad every second weekend.

As it happens, this weekend my kids are away at their Dads. Meaning I will have Mother’s Day without my kids for much of the day.

I was telling some of the Mums at school about this, and they were taken aback, especially as I wasn’t too worried about it.

So, without my kids for most of the day, how will I be spending it?

Firstly, I will sleep in, instead of getting up at 7am, I can get up any time before 9am.

Second, I will be going to a Mother’s Day breakfast at church with my Mum. This will be fun for the two of us.

Third, quite possibly I will have a quiet lunch and rest in the afternoon, or go for coffee with Mum.

Officially, my family is post-poning Mother’s Day for a few weeks. My Mum’s birthday is the 31st May and instead of trying to get us all together for 2 days, combining the two is a lot easier (I’m one of 4 kids).

My boys are making cards & gifts at school and they have a Mother’s Day stall, so I will still get goodies, though at dinner time instead of early in the morning.

I wish all you Mums out there a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday. I hope it’s a special day for you, I know it will be for me.


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