Ever had “One of Those Days”?

Have you ever had one of “those” days? I have, and today was one of them. Taking 2 boys to the supermarket right after school is always a recipe for stress! But it was unavoidable this week as we had no food in the house, especially nothing for breakfast tomorrow, or school lunches!

I have also been missing some of the things I previously wrote about on my old blog, and generally feeling a bit “blergh”.

Then today, I made a major decision I’ve been putting off (a typical “P” trait) and two great opportunities have come my way.

I’m still feeling a bit yuck, but things are definitely looking up.

Also, it’s nearly the end of the 30 day song challenge. I hope you’ve been enjoying my song choices.


2 thoughts on “Ever had “One of Those Days”?

  1. Hope your day has improved 🙂 Shopping with kids – arrrrrgggghhhhh – such hard work. Goodluck with the new opportunities coming your way. Cazxx

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