Why we love variety shows

Variety is great family viewing

My kids love variety shows. Their favourite show is Australia’s Got Talent, as their bedtime is 7.30pm, I have to tape it for them every week. They watch it the next day, either before school, or when they get home, after their home work is done.

Another show they love is The Slammer on ABC3. This is a varitey show with a twist, all the performers have been “locked up” for crimes against show business and must perform to win their freedom.

Both shows are introducing the boys to a wide variety of different talents and acts and, most importantly, possibilities. With Australia’s Got Talent, the boys sit their with buzzers and judge the acts on their own criteria, they judge the acts on The Slammer too.

Watching these shows is great family viewing for us. I enjoy sitting down with the boys and enjoying the various acts with them. It’s also been a great bonding experience as we comment on the different acts we see on TV. They have even been known to act out their own variety shows.

During the last school holidays, the boys did some circus tricks classes, and loved them. Seeing those who have developed these skills is also exciting.

My kids love learning and finding out new things, and variety shows are simply another way of learning for my two gorgeous, inquisitive boys.


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