Present Box

Do you have a present box?

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll give you notices from school at the last minute, if at all. And this includes party invitations.

No matter how many times I remind them to give me notices after school, something is always forgotten. So, it’s not unusual for me to receive a party invitation a day or two before a party!

Generally, this isn’t an issue, as far as attending goes. The issue is more to do with presents. The thought of running down to the local shopping centre with two, usually, tired, cranky boys on a Friday afternoon is not my idea of fun. Coupled with them wanting one of the gifts we buy for themselves, can make for a trying time.

When I was a child, my Mum had a present box full of goodies ready for birthday parties. I have continued this, though I have a drawer instead of a box. I pick up books and toys cheaply at the supermarket, on special, keep full size sample goodies, and other treats I pick up along the way.

This was a lot easier when the kids were little. I would pick up great kids books at book sales and they would make great gifts. Now the kids are older, I keep my eye out for Lego sets and things like that. Toy sales are great for this.

I also pick up items whenever I have some spare cash at the end of the week, this way I am ready for a party when the invitation comes. I also have a mix of boys and girls goodies. Even though I only have boys, they have been known to be invited to girls parties.

As well as gifts, I also have a supply of birthday cards and wrapping paper (though currently my supply is low & I only have Christmas paper!). This means I’m fully prepared for an unexpected birthday party.

The other advantage of having a fully stocked present box is on the hip pocket. You can buy things on advance on special or even at markets or Facebook garage sales and then you don’t have to buy something at full price just because you have to have a present for the next day. It is also an advantage if you like to buy things online as you don’t have to worry about it not arriving in time for a birthday.

My kids also love choosing something from the present drawer for their birthday – they even put their requests in for items from the box to go in their birthday or Christmas presents!


2 thoughts on “Present Box

  1. I have loved the ‘present box’ for approx 12 years now, since I married and ‘aquired’ 5 nephews under the age of 7. I find it is still working well and love sales and Aldi and toy clearances. I also find putting a couple of balloons into a birthday package is always well received. The present box has saved us more than once in the past and is sure to come in handy for the future 🙂

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