No koalas in our house!

We don't own any koalas...

We have a lovely lady from the Czech Republic staying with us for a couple of days. Last time she was in Australia, she stayed in Adelaide and a Koala was on the tree right outside her room – a lovely treat for an overseas visitor.

I was setting up her room yesterday and was thinking of putting an Australian animal on her bed as a way to make the room welcoming. While I was vacuuming the room, I suddenly realised we have a decided lack of cute Australian animals in this house!

We have a number of soft lizards that Mr Z adores (they are starting to fall apart, I don’t think they were designed to be as loved as they are). Since Mr Z sleeps with them every night, I didn’t think they would work. We also have some wombats as I loved them when I was a teenager & people gave them to me as gifts.

Other than that – we don’t have any Australian animals as soft toys! We have teddy bears and dogs and lizards and a monkey and I think there’s some others, but no koalas or kangaroos.

Now, I’m not overly fond of koalas or kangaroos, which may explain the lack of them in this house (the reasons can be the subject of another post), but it surprised me when I thought about it.

So, all you Aussie Mums out there, am I alone, or do your kids have a lack of stuffed Aussie animals. And for those not in Australia, do your kids have the animals tourists look for, or not? Please tell me I’m not alone.


2 thoughts on “No koalas in our house!

  1. How funny. Something I have never thought of, but now that you mention it, you are not alone. Despite us having stuffed toys coming out our ears (including quite a collection of jungle animals and farm animals), we do not have any Australian animals (that I can think of).

    If I wasn’t so anti-stuffed toys (due to their tendency to take up a lot of space and gather a lot of dust with not much actual use in play), I might be inclined to add some Aussie animals to even up our collection.

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