TV on demand – on the Internet!

New way to watch TV...

I was going to write this post last night, but I was too tired!

Yesterday, Mr N was home sick, his gorgeous Aunty came to look after him, and he had a great day. Later in the afternoon, he was given some time to play on the computer. Instead of his normal games, he discovered that he could watch TV on through the ABC3 website.

Mr N has been reading the “Deltora Quest” series of books, and was excited to find the TV series on ABC3. When Mr Z got home, the two of them sat on the laptop and watch the whole series together.

They had a wonderful afternoon bonding over this show, and enjoying something they don’t normally get to do. Mr N had finished all his homework, so this was his reward.

Watching TV over the Internet is not the sort of the thing the boys normally do, but it’s definitely something I will remember over this cold, wet winter. The boys had a lovely time, and there are plenty more shows on the ABC3 website that they love that they can watch, especially when there is nothing else on TV.

This has also made a great reward for getting homework done. And another advantage – they can watch on the Internet with the headphones on, so I don’t have to listen too! There is only so much kids TV a Mum can handle…


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