OK, so I forgot the vegetables…

I forgot to cook the veggies!

We are very low on food at the moment. Sorry, that’s not entirely true, we have food, just not much to make dinner with. So, I went to the supermarket today to get some chicken & frozen veggies so we could have apricot chicken for tea.

I fully intended to cook the vegetables, really, I did… I put the apricot chicken in the oven & the rice in the rice cooker, and went off to do some other jobs, then inspiration hit & I started writing an article.

The chicken cooked well, the rice cooker cooked the rice, and the vegetables were still in the freezer. It wasn’t until half way through serving I realised I forgot to cook the vegetables!

Half tempted to forget about them, I stopped serving then quickly put the vegetables on to cook.

The boys ate their dinner and then I served them vegetables, covered with apricot sauce and extra rice!

So, they did get their vegetables… eventually! Much to the disappointment of 2 little boys, especially as there’s nothing for dessert…


3 thoughts on “OK, so I forgot the vegetables…

  1. We had apricot chicken last night, cooked by our nanny & she didn’t put the lid on the rice cooker so our steamed Veg didn’t get steamed & rice wasn’t cooked! The extra 10 mins we had to wait added an extra 1/2 hour to the bedtime chaos.
    Tonight we had planned on leftovers but the girls wanted porridge instead, so we had porridge & fruit for dinner & my toddler who does not eat dinner ate hers all up.

  2. That’s great that they still ate them! We know when I’ve run out of inspiration and shopping time in this house, because the veggies are frozen peas šŸ™‚ I make sure I always have those! šŸ™‚

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