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Having some fun

This isn't me.... lol

I have been blogging for a while now. My first ever blog was a business tips blog, and now I have three on the go!

It’s interesting shaping the personality of the different blogs. One is a work of fiction, a series of short stories. Another is my business one that is on hold while it gets a facelift. And of course there is this one.

I’m still amazed that people are reading them! It has been fun getting them started and watching them take shape. This one is a bit different than the others in that it wasn’t started with a purpose, it started when I just wanted to vent about how sick I was about trying to be SuperMum.

So, basically I’m having some fun with blogging, just for the sake of having a blog, rather than with any set purpose in mind.

Thank you all for reading and sharing in my blog ­čÖé


Different things work for different people

No "one size fits all" solution

My Mum loved her slow cooker. She recently told me that when my siblings and I were little, she used it a lot and found that if she had dinner organised in the morning, her day went better.

For me, I found that if I had to worry about dinner in the morning, it would stress me out even more. I preferred (and still prefer) to make dinner in the evening.

This just illustrates the point. Different things work for different people. There is no “one size fits all” way to parent, do dinner, housework, or whatever.

Just as different people have different strengths and weaknesses, we all have our own way of doing things and our own way of coping.

My tip for today with regard to losing the cape is this: find your own way of doing things, and the way that works for YOU and your family.

With regard to making dinner at night, there is no right or wrong time to cook dinner so it’s ready on the table at night. Some Mums may find that cooking dinner in the morning in a slow cooker or cooking it ready to heat up works best. Others may find that cooking it just before dinner works best. Really, it doesn’t matter which way you do it, so long as it works for you.


To homework, or not to homework...

Homework – this seems to be an issue lately, whether or not kids should be given homework.

At the school my kids went to last year, there was no homework. We changed schools at the start of the year, and now both boys have homework.

Mr Z is in grade 2, and his homework is spelling words. Mr N is in grade 4 and he has a series of activities based on the activities he has been doing at school.

Both boys are given their homework on a Monday and it is due in on Friday.

Quite apart from whether or not this is useful or any of the other arguments I’ve heard, there is one advantage of homework I have found lately that I haven’t heard anyone else say.

Homework gives me a way to know what they are learning at school!

Since going back to work, I haven’t been able to help out at school as much as I did last year, and neither boy is all that forthcoming about what they have done. Especially with Mr N, his homework gives me an insight into what he has been learning and gives me a chance to get involved (when needed).

Both boys are pretty good at doing their homework by themselves, and there is a desk set up in the playroom for them to work at, though Mr N tends to use it more than Mr Z.

The other thing I like about their homework is that it still gives them plenty of time to play as there isn’t so much that they are spending every waking minute doing homework, and they know that when it’s done, they can play.

Washing – it’s never done!

Washing - it's never done!

It’s been a clear weekend, the sun has been shining and it’s great weather for drying washing.

So, I’m sitting here watching old TV shows and folding washing (I’m taking a quick break before tackling the sheets.

It’s been quite cold and wet, and a busy week, so the washing has piled up. Most of it’s been dry, just hasn’t been sorted, folded or put away. It feels like the washing is never done!

There is currently a load on the line, ready to be taken down. Another in the machine waiting to be hung out, and more that needs to washed!

There are piles ready to be put away, and I’m about to call the boys in to put their clothes away.

OK, guess I’d better get back to it – the washing is never done!

I’ve lost my book!

I can't find my book!

I have a few books on the go right now – mostly because I keep putting them down and forgetting where they are!

There is nothing on TV tonight, at least nothing I really want to watch, and it’s cold. So I thought it would be a good night to curl up in bed & get some reading done.

But, the book I really want to read, I can’t find anywhere! I’m sure it’s in the house somewhere, it’s just not in the places books normally are, such as on my bedside table or in the bookshelf.

So, I need to keep looking. Then again, I might just start another book… (yes, I have a heap of books I’m yet to read)

Oh, and instead of looking, I’m blogging about it instead!

And if you happen to see my book, please send it home…

I went to the ballet last night

I went to the ballet for the first time

I got a phone call just after 6pm last night from my sister. She had been given some tickets to the ballet and wanted to know if I wanted to go.

Being a single Mum with 2 small boys, I don’t get out much. Thankfully I live with my parents, and they were home, and were able to babysit at VERY short notice. So I quickly put my shoes on & jumped in the car. (Somehow, I didn’t think that fluffy purple slippers would go down too well at the Arts Centre!)

Growing up, I had been to a number of different cultural activities, including opera, musicals, symphony and many other activities. The only ballet I had seen live were snippets at the free concerts in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. I had seen some on TV, but not enough to get me really excited (a bit like watching AFL, but that’s another blog post).

So, my sister & I went to see The Merry Widow┬áperformed by The Australian Ballet. It was amazing! When we went in, we were given an A4 piece of paper with the story on it, so we could follow on – this was a huge help. Sitting waiting for it to start, I read the synopsis and wondered how they would show things, such as not having money to pay bills.

It’s amazing how expressive the dancers were – showing everything from love to cheekiness to rejection to just about any other emotion you can think of! I especially loved how they did the flash back, complete with smoke on the floor.

The costumes were stunning and the sets… what can I say but WOW! They were stunning. The music was also beautiful (even though in solo’s my sister would nudge me and tell me the name of the soloist – friends of hers!).

I was home by 10.30pm (the performance started at 7.30), so it wasn’t a late night either.

Going to the ballet is┬ádefinitely┬ásomething I’d like to do again. It was fantastic and something I’m not likely to forget in a hurry.

Great ideas come from strange places

Even socks can provide inspiration

I love writing. Back when I was in high school, I even won some awards.

Short stories (and blog posts) seem to be my ‘thing’, and inspiration can come from the strangest places.

Yesterday I got the idea for a children’s story from the fact that my kids hate changing their socks! No matter how many times I tell them to change them every day, it falls on deaf ears – and so the idea for a story about a kid who won’t change his socks and his socks get so dirty they try and take over the world, until he can catch them and get them in the washing machine, developed. My boys are even helping with ideas for this story – we shall see what happens.

Ideas & inspiration can come from the weirdest places. Who would have thought that socks could be inspiration? Even ideas for blog posts pop up in weird places!

Where do you find your inspiration?