A little bit of pampering

I love getting my nails done

Doing a few posts this week to make up for no posts for 2 weeks!

Last weekend, my boys were at their Dads, so I had some time to myself. When I got my job earlier in the year, a friend took me out to celebrate and we got our hair done & I had a manicure & pedicure in one of those shops that have been popping up everywhere in the shopping centres. It was an amazingly relaxing experience.

So, on Saturday, I headed down the street to a new salon that had opened up to get my nails done. I was able to relax in their massage chair while the ladies massaged my hands and feet, and generally got some pampering. It was fantastic.

My heels are still lovely and soft and my nails a gorgeous shade of purple. One of the things I love is the nailpolish stays on for weeeks, not days (or hours) like it does when I paint them myself.

I keep thinking I should do this more often, and still think I should do that. Wish me luck remembering!

Every Mum needs to take time out for herself, in whatever way she finds relaxing.

So, how do you treat yourself & pamper yourself?


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