Take a book

Take along books to read

Monday was a public holiday. I live with my parents, so in an attempt to keep the house quiet so they can sleep in, I took the boys to my brother’s cafe for breakfast.

Before leaving home, I told the boys to take a book with them, or gave them the option of taking some colouring books and pencils.

Experience has taught me that there is a wait between ordering and the food arriving, even though we knew exactly what we wanted before we walked through the door. Having a book to read or colouring helps keep them occupied, especially as I know the boys can misbehave if they get bored.

I don’t expect cafe’s to cater to the boys. Most cafe’s don’t have toys or activities for kids, and I don’t think we should expect them to. Instead, I am prepared with books or colouring or other quiet activities for the boys to do to keep them occupied while we are waiting.

Of course, there are also amazing people, like those from The Coffee Apple who are creating cafe’s that ARE family friendly (and I am looking forward to when they open…)

So, my tip for the day, if you go to cafe’s and restaurants with kids, especially ones that aren’t “family” places, take some reading or activities for the kids to do to keep them occupied. Everyone will enjoy the experience much more.


2 thoughts on “Take a book

  1. With a toddler we find that breakfast is the meal to go out for. She is normally fresh and happy and if we take some books and some crayons she is generally happy while waiting for her meal. Such a lovely change from attempting dinner out when cranky hour is upon us!

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