A weekend away

My wonderful weekend activity

My kids were at their Dad’s this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, while searching online for something else, I stumbled over the Torquay Froth & Bubble Literary Festival. I noticed the date and got excited to see it was on a child free weekend. And my Grandpa lives in Torquay and was happy to have me stay – so my weekend was planned.

Yesterday I attended an editing workshop, run by a lecturer I had when I was at uni – and she remembered me! Their living books afternoon was also fantastic, sitting hearing some amazing stories from those who had written books about them.

Today I heard an entertaining session by Marc McBride, the guy who designed the covers for the DelTorro Quest books (not sure if that is spelled correctly – my 9 year old has the book in his room & he’s sleeping so I can’t check right now), as well as a great workshop on self publishing.

It was a great time, and a chance to get back to my love of writing. I’m also planning to apply to present next year on blogging, especially after getting in to a conversation about blogs with another participant!

Even though it was a great weekend on my own, I wish the boys had been with me, mostly because I think they would have enjoyed some of the sessions.

When was the last time you had a weekend to yourself where you were able to enjoy something that is just for you? I know I am already planning to attend this weekend again next year.


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