Our shopping list

We have a simple shopping list

I keep our shopping list on the fridge. If you ever read my other blog or know me, you will know how many promotional bags I have received over the years.

One of the best things I received was a note pad with a magnet on the back. This was actually a ‘free gift’ I received after purchasing something from their shop. Unfortunately, this online shop doesn’t seem to exist any more, otherwise I’d give you the link.

I have tried many different things, however I have found this simple pad on the fridge works best. When something runs out, I simply write it on the pad, or the boys do. This way we can keep track of what we need to buy, especially now I am doing my supermarket shopping online.

I have been given notebooks designed to be used for shopping, by ticking off items needed, however I found these annoying as many of the items we bought, especially gluten free items, were not on the list.

The magnetised list works best for us as we always know where it is – notebooks on the bench tend to get lost or moved.

What have you found works for you?


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