Managing blogging

Managing your blogging

I’ve seen a number of posts asking about blogging and time management, such as this post from The Truth About Mummy.

I’ve had a blog since 2008, and up until recently, blogged almost every day – or at least a post was published every day. (That blog is currently going through a facelift, so I’m holding off on new posts for a bit.)

I thought I’d share some tips on how I manage blogging with a busy life. Hopefully this will help some of the other Mum bloggers there.

  • Schedule posts in advance – I write a post whenever I have inspiration and then schedule them. This post was written on Monday night, along with the post from yesterday!
  • Have theme days – this isn’t something I’ve done here, but it worked well on my other blog, having Marketing Monday and Friday Five posts, this meant I knew what would be on those days and could then schedule them in advance, sometimes up to a couple of months in advance!
  • Don’t force posts – if I couldn’t think of something to write, the best thing was to take a break. Another advantage of scheduling posts in advance, if I couldn’t think of something to write that day, I can always rearrange scheduled posts.
  • Carry a notebook – there is nothing wrong with writing out a blog post ready to type up later, especially if inspiration hits at a time when you don’t have ready access to your blog.
  • Blogging calendar – this is something that works well for some people. They have a calendar and plan their blog posts. I haven’t really done this on any of my blogs, but I know it does work for some.
For all you Mum bloggers out there (and anyone else who blogs), don’t try and be a SuperMum with your blogging. These may not work for everyone, but I hope it can help you.

5 thoughts on “Managing blogging

  1. Amazing post! Thanks for the tips! I love blogging… and some days I have several posts, and then I can go days without a thought! Scheduling posts is something that has helped me out tremendously! 😉

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