Great ideas come from strange places

Even socks can provide inspiration

I love writing. Back when I was in high school, I even won some awards.

Short stories (and blog posts) seem to be my ‘thing’, and inspiration can come from the strangest places.

Yesterday I got the idea for a children’s story from the fact that my kids hate changing their socks! No matter how many times I tell them to change them every day, it falls on deaf ears – and so the idea for a story about a kid who won’t change his socks and his socks get so dirty they try and take over the world, until he can catch them and get them in the washing machine, developed. My boys are even helping with ideas for this story – we shall see what happens.

Ideas & inspiration can come from the weirdest places. Who would have thought that socks could be inspiration? Even ideas for blog posts pop up in weird places!

Where do you find your inspiration?


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