I’ve lost my book!

I can't find my book!

I have a few books on the go right now – mostly because I keep putting them down and forgetting where they are!

There is nothing on TV tonight, at least nothing I really want to watch, and it’s cold. So I thought it would be a good night to curl up in bed & get some reading done.

But, the book I really want to read, I can’t find anywhere! I’m sure it’s in the house somewhere, it’s just not in the places books normally are, such as on my bedside table or in the bookshelf.

So, I need to keep looking. Then again, I might just start another book… (yes, I have a heap of books I’m yet to read)

Oh, and instead of looking, I’m blogging about it instead!

And if you happen to see my book, please send it home…


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