To homework, or not to homework...

Homework – this seems to be an issue lately, whether or not kids should be given homework.

At the school my kids went to last year, there was no homework. We changed schools at the start of the year, and now both boys have homework.

Mr Z is in grade 2, and his homework is spelling words. Mr N is in grade 4 and he has a series of activities based on the activities he has been doing at school.

Both boys are given their homework on a Monday and it is due in on Friday.

Quite apart from whether or not this is useful or any of the other arguments I’ve heard, there is one advantage of homework I have found lately that I haven’t heard anyone else say.

Homework gives me a way to know what they are learning at school!

Since going back to work, I haven’t been able to help out at school as much as I did last year, and neither boy is all that forthcoming about what they have done. Especially with Mr N, his homework gives me an insight into what he has been learning and gives me a chance to get involved (when needed).

Both boys are pretty good at doing their homework by themselves, and there is a desk set up in the playroom for them to work at, though Mr N tends to use it more than Mr Z.

The other thing I like about their homework is that it still gives them plenty of time to play as there isn’t so much that they are spending every waking minute doing homework, and they know that when it’s done, they can play.


2 thoughts on “Homework!

  1. I’m not a big homework fan for little ones. My school girl is in grade one and just has reading so far. I’ve heard some horror stories with little ones with heaps!! Our school seems pretty balanced – which I like.

    • One of the things I love about the boys school is they gradually introduce it. My son in grade 2 just has to practice his spelling words. Oh, and the last week of term there is no homework, just reading. 🙂

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