Mr N – the next Junior Masterchef?

Dinner cooked by Mr N

Mr N has decided to get domestic, or, rather, has decided he wants to learn how to cook. So, last weekend, I let him cook dinner. I chose the menu – baked potato, meat and vegetables. It was a fairly easy menu, and perfect for a first attempt by a 9 year old.

He prepared the potatoes to put in the oven & put them in. He also peeled and cut up the carrots, and put the veggies on to cook. He also put sausages in for him, steak for me and chicken schnitzel for his little brother. Usually we would all have the same meat, but we were running low and only had 2 sausages, Mr Z doesn’t like steak, and Mr N can’t eat schnitzel (he is gluten¬†intolerant).

See the photo above for the results. The meat was a little overcooked and one of the potatoes exploded when we poked it to see if it was cooked. Mr N needs to learn to pay attention to the food he was cooking!

All in all it was edible and a fantastic first attempt at cooking for Mr N. This is definitely something we will do more often. Hopefully soon he will be able to cook dinner regularly and take some dinner cooking pressure off me. (And Mr Z will soon follow)


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