Footy clinic – a lesson in respect

Mr N in his Geelong Football Jumper at the footy clinic

I may have mentioned it before, but Mr N is a one-eyed Geelong supporter. It’s the start of the school holidays, and on the calendar for today was a morning of work for me and then a footy clinic with players from the Collingwood Football Club.

On one level, Mr N was happy to play football – any football. On the other, Collingwood is the team his great-grandpa goes for and so there was a lot of calling of names of Collingwood and their supporters.

Before we left, well before we left, I sat the boys down and told them to watch what they said as it wasn’t very respectful. This led to a discussion about showing respect for others (yes, even Collingwood supporters) and that if they were going to be disrespectful to the players and the other kids, then I wasn’t prepared to take them. After all, you couldn’t have a football season with only 1 team.

They thought about this and decided that they would like to go – after all, it was a chance to play footy and do drills with some awesome football players (if you’re not following AFL, Collingwood won the Grand Final last year).

So, we went along. Most kids were in Collingwood jumpers, though there were quite a few kids supporting other teams. Mr N had a fantastic time. Mummy, on the other hand, stood in the rain watching!

As well as having a great time improving his football skills, Mr N especially learned a valuable lesson in respect today.


4 thoughts on “Footy clinic – a lesson in respect

  1. Cold rain and waiting. Doesn’t sound like much fun. But I’m sure they boy loved it!! Footy is not my thing – by the other half loves Geelong too 🙂

  2. Haha I laughed when you said they had to show respect even Collingwood supporters. I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago from NSW and I was amazed at how fanatical AFL supporters were, especially the ladies. I mean Rugby League has fans but here even at my sons school they were teaching them the different footy songs? I am surprised to hear that you don’t like footy as I thought everyone did or had to or you were deemed as strange?
    I go for Collingwood only because I like to stir my son who likes Geelong too and I remember the coach getting upset when they lost to Sydney Swans back in the early 2000’s. I thought a man who could get upset in front of that many people deserved my support! LOL I have a fave team in Rugby League and he stirs me up all the time so its only fair.
    I thought you post was great and a bit funny especially how you had to sit down your sons and tell them even though they are Collingwood supporters that they still deserved their respect. That is a very good lesson, well done…might need to get you out on the streets to educate some more people.

    • Oh, I am very strange! I did offer to go for Carlton as my Grandpa goes for Collingwood – that didn’t go down too well… lol. It is amazing how passionate people get. We went to a clinic last Monday with North Melbourne that was amazing – so much better than the first one, smaller so the kids got to do a lot more with the players.
      It was a very good lesson for the boys to learn. 🙂

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