My Kids & SMS

My phone isn't quite this old...

A couple of years ago, my Mum taught Mr N how to SMS.

Mr N goes for Geelong in the AFL and my Grandpa, his great grandpa, goes for Collingwood. It all started with Mr N & Grandpa SMSing each other about the footy results on my Mum’s phone, then moved to mine (whenever I had credit).

This SMS relationship has continued, with Grandpa trying to convince Mr N to change teams, and Mr N doing the same.

My kids don’t need their own mobiles (they are 7 & 9), but are able to use my phone for this, so long as they show me what they plan to send before they send it.

They have also sent SMSs to their Dad if I’m driving & we are stuck in traffic, or even to their grandparents to ask a question if needed.

As technology natives, this is a skill they have picked up, and it has helped Mr N bond with his great grandpa.

I have no plans in the immediate future for them having their own phone’s – they really don’t need one – but I have seen positive results of them knowing how to use the phone and SMS.


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