“I’m Bored”

Let the kids play by themselves

Today I spotted a question/link on one of the pages I follow on Facebook with a link to school holiday activities and inviting us to add activities to stop the kids saying “I’m Bored” during the holidays.

My solution is very simple. If the boys come to me and complain about being bored, I give them some jobs to do around the house! This could be anything from emptying the recycle bin  to emptying or packing the dishwasher to tidying their rooms to sorting out the toy box, to whatever other “boring” jobs I can think of. They very quickly find something fun to do by themselves!

I do plan some outings – we had the footy clinic yesterday and there is another one next week, and we are planning to go to visit my Grandpa and do a few other things – but mostly we stay at home. This is partly due to money and also to do with energy, and this holidays, for the first time, I am also juggling working with the holidays.

The kids also appreciate some time at home. One of their favourite things is to have a “pyjama day”, where we stay home & they don’t get dressed. Even on those days, they sometimes get bored, so I’m ready with some jobs for them to do.

I don’t believe in scheduling every minute of the school holidays – it’s a break from the scheduled days during the school term as much as anything else.

So, if your kids are bored during the school holidays, put them to work! Oh, and this work is unpaid too!


4 thoughts on ““I’m Bored”

  1. That’s what I do too! I also allocate jobs instead of yelling or sending her to her room, the more she plays up the more jobs I get done. Sorting out the tupperware draw is a good one. Tonight I even managed to trick her into drying a few dishes for me as a reward for her good report, not sure how I wrangled that one.

    • Wow! I’d love to know how you got her to do dishes as a reward – my kids want me to take them out for dinner!!! Glad to know I’m not the only one to give bored kids jobs to do on the holidays – hadn’t thought of getting them to clear out the plastics cupboard – it needs doing!

  2. Wow – never thought of that. I’ll give it a go. This holidays for us is a busy one and I”m missing just hanging out at home. I’m wokring part-time atm and we seem to have heaps of playdates and things to do. Today is our ‘girls day out’ shopping. (Wish me luck!)

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