Wish me luck!

Off to brave the supermarket...

It’s Wednesday. It’s school holidays, and the cupboards are (nearly) bare.

Normally, I would be expecting a Coles Online delivery, but with the holidays I got out of routine and forgot to do my order yesterday. So, in order to feed these “starving” children of mine (anyone would think I don’t feed them!), I need to brave the supermarket!

So, I need to head out with 3 boys in tow – 2 of mine and another one I am looking after for the afternoon. Not sure when we’ll head out – guess I’m trying to bring up the courage, or else I’m hoping there is enough for dinner in the fridge/freezer for dinner so I can pop out when the boys are in bed tonight…

Either way, wish me luck! I guess it would be an outing for the holidays, and you never know… something fun may be happening at the shopping centre.


2 thoughts on “Wish me luck!

    • Thanks Caz – it went surprisingly well – I guess the added “incentive” of a treat when the shopping was done provided they behave worked 🙂 We even managed to get everything on the shopping list, even though I left it at home!

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