Another school holiday tip

I must be crazy!

Sometimes I think I must be certifiable…

We’re nearly in the middle of the school holidays, and one thing that works for us is, wait for it, to have extra kids over!

Why? It’s quite simple. If my 2 boys are left to their own devices, they are likely to end up fighting as one wants to play one thing, and the other wants to play something else, or they insist they aren’t taking turns well enough, or whatever. It can end up being really stressful.

Having extra kids over gives the boys someone else to play with. It’s not unusual to find half a dozen boys running around. When the weather is fine, they can play outside in our court, riding bikes, kicking the footy, or whatever else they want to do. When it’s raining, they often play in the garage or in the lounge room, generally making a big mess in one or another area of the house.

The kids have a fantastic time together, I get some head space and some time to myself (I’m an introvert, so, believe it or not, this gives me some kid free time!), and another Mum has some child free time to do whatever she needs to.

Now, having extra kids over is much easier now they are in Primary School. When they were toddlers or preschoolers, it wasn’t so easy as they still needed guiding or supervision.

Now, if they ALL end up coming to me saying they’re bored… well, the garage could do with a clean out!


One thought on “Another school holiday tip

  1. I have a friend and we’ll often swap days – I’ll have her kids for a day and then she’ll have mine for a day. That way we both get some time off and the kids have someone else to play with.

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