A day of adventure

Yesterday I didn’t have to work, so I took the day off – from housework, and anything else we “had” to do. The original plan was to go to Scienceworks for the day, but when we arrived the line was way out the door, moving VERY slowly and it was cold & windy. So we turned around and headed to the Melbourne Museum.

Satin Bowerbirds Exhibit

The boys were fascinated with the Forest Secrets exhibit, especially the Satin Bowerbirds. At first we thought they were real!

They also loved looking at CSIRAC, Australia’s first computer, and the small display of King Tut that was free (we have plans to see the rest very soon).

After all this, it was time to head off as we were picking up a friends son. Driving down the road, I spotted the Shrine of Remembrance. I’ve been meaning to take the boys there for ages. I told the boys that if there was a car park close enough, we’d stop and have a look.

Well, I was lucky enough to find a park, so in we went.

Shrine - boys are in orange running ahead

Before going in, I explained to the boys they needed to walk inside and be respectful – and they behaved beautifully. They were fascinated and asked some great questions of the tour guides who were around the place.

When we arrived, we went to the Visitors Centre, where there was some school holiday activities – making either a stretcher bearer (which both boys made) or a nurse.

Making a stretcher bearer

I didn’t even know they had school holiday activities!

The most moving part was when we got to the Stone of Remembrance and the light went across. The boys stood there with their heads bowed, watching the light move across the stone and listening to the bugle.

This was a trip I’d been putting off for a while, but definitely one we will do again. If you have the chance to visit the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, or wherever you are, with your kids, I highly recommend it. The Museum was pretty good too!


3 thoughts on “A day of adventure

  1. We haven’t been the The Shrine yet but I must take my kids there too. We have only been in Melbourne for 2 years and each year I want to take them to the dawn service or the march but we never seem to get there…hopefully we can pull it together next year?
    I visited the Melbourne Museum as a part of a bloggers catch up and then again with my brother and his 3 kids when he visited from QLD a few weeks ago. We had 6 kids with us aged 1 to 11 and all the kids had a great time. We didn’t grown up in a capital city so we never got to go to many things like this so I try to make an effort to take my kids to them. I am really surprised at how cost affective alot of the things are as I always thought it would cost a lot more to go to places like the museum. We are going to hit Scienceworks and the immigration museum next.

    • I love how affordable the Museum & Scienceworks are – I have a pension card so we all get in the main part for free! The Shrine is amazing. I want to take the boys to a dawn service too – but might take them to a smaller one in the suburbs to start with. 🙂 Scienceworks is awesome!

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