A bomb has hit…

OK, my bathroom isn't this bad...

It’s the middle of school holidays, and my house almost looks like a bomb has hit it!

Thankfully our cleaner comes on Friday, so we’ll start the term with a clean house.

During school term, the boys are at school during the day and have homework after school. They generally play with one or two toys (such a Lego), so there isn’t a huge mess in the house, just a small one.

However, school holidays is a completely different story. The boys are home all day, and often there are extra kids. This usually means extra mess. I’m also a bit more relaxed.

I do, however, have one big rule – the area between the couches & TV must be tidy, this way I’m not trying to step over toys all evening. The boys also need to tidy up their toys before the cleaner comes on Friday.

The boys are also lucky to have a playroom – so most of the mess is in there. The best part? I can close the door & don’t have to look at it!

So, I’m currently sitting with lots of mess around, but at least I don’t have to look at it!

Bring on Monday!


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