I was complimented today…

OK, so I forgot to take my camera...

…on what wonderful boys I have!

It’s the last day of the school holidays, so the boys & I went out to lunch to our favourite cafe. Before leaving I told the boys to grab a book to take with them. I know they get bored at a cafe, so I always make sure they have a book or something to do – this makes the whole excursion easier on all of us.

Anyway, the cafe was packed for lunch, so we were able to go on the big table at the back with another family who were sitting up the other end. They had a baby with them, around 7 or 8 months I’d guess. My boys sat down, chose what they wanted to eat and sat quietly reading. The women in the party came up and complimented me on what wonderfully well behaved children I have, and how they are looking forward to the day when they can go out like that.

The conversation then continued along the lines of how wonderful it was that I had boys who enjoyed reading books.

I was quite chuffed at all this – I must admit that I love it when other people compliment me on my mothering 🙂 I am also extremely proud of the two gorgeous boys I have.


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