Simple meals…

Simple meals are yummy

Yesterday was a busy day, or at least afternoon. We didn’t leave our friends house until nearly 6pm – the time we usually eat dinner! So, we called in at the supermarket and picked up a BBQ chicken and oven chips. When we got home we cooked the chips & some veggies, and served up.

It surprised me how excited everyone was with such a simple meal of roast chicken, chips and vegetables.

If you read many magazine’s & look at the cooking shows on TV, you may get the impression that every meal has to be a gourmet feast – but I’ve found lately that it’s the simple meals that are the biggest hit. Anything from sausages, mashed potato & vegetables to a roast.

The other beauty of simple meals is they are very easy to cook. I just put a roast in the oven or some sausages in the grill and cook up any extra veggies. I usually have the ingredients in the freezer and they are great for nights when I’m tired & don’t feel like cooking something with more effort.

It’s not unusual to have meat & veggies on our weekly menu too! The whole family seems to enjoy it.

So, don’t worry too much about creating fancy meals every night, often it’s the simple meals that are the biggest hits.


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