Modelling reading to our kids

Reading will help your kids

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen my grandpa a few times – he came to stay with us for a weekend, then the boys and I went to stay with him for a weekend.

When Grandpa was staying with us, he made the comment that he had never read a book. When we were staying with him, I observed that there weren’t many books in his house.

In contrast, our house is full of books, from kids books to reference books, to novels that I read (a wide range of genre and styles). As well as owning bookshelves full of books, I also read them! Yes, I do make time to read – and my kids know it.

Most of my reading is done at night just before bed, but I do pick up books at other times too – I often have more than 1 book on the go and they are around the house in different places.

My kids see me reading, and so they see that it’s “normal” to read, and so they spend time reading themselves. It’s also not unusual for them to have more than one book on the go and have them sitting around the place ready for them to pick up when they want to read a bit more.

And all this modelling of reading, brought compliments!


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