A really cool toothbrush

Mr Z's toothbrush is much cooler than this one!

I have had all sorts of problems getting 7 year old Mr Z to brush his teeth. He will give a quick, half-hearted brush before bed, but that’s it.

On the weekend, I was at the supermarket picking up a few things ready for starting back at school and remembered that Mr Z needed a new toothbrush. Lying on the shelf was a really cool toothbrush. It was a Spiderman theme – and it has flashing lights!

It has a button you press and the light flashes for 1 minute. The idea being that the child can stop brushing when the light stops flashing.

Mr Z thinks this is really cool – and for the last few days has brushed his teeth morning and night! Mr N has also started brushing his teeth with is brother so he can brush to the flashing lights too.

I was getting tired of nagging them all the time, so I was glad when I found this really cool toothbrush for Mr Z.

The toothbrush was only about $1 more than the other toothbrushes aimed at 7 year olds, so a cheap solution to my problem! And so far, so good. Fingers crossed it continues.


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