Reasons my kids want me to have an iPhone

My kids want me to upgrade my phone

OK, so there is really just one… but more about that in a minute.

I have an old Nokia mobile phone. It receives calls and makes calls (when I have credit) and the odd text message. I mostly have it so the school can contact me if the boys are sick or need to be picked up instead of having to work out what days I’m at which job (I have 2 jobs & the days vary). I don’t really use it for much else. Someone told me once that I’m a traitor to my generation because I don’t have a iphone!

My boys have started playing Words with Friends with my Mum on the iPad she got for Christmas. They have a wonderful time, and they are quite good – often beating Mum! (They are 7 & 9 and in grades 2 & 4!)

So, their main reason for wanting me to have an iphone is so they can play Words with Friends with their Oma (my Mum)!!! Oh, and their Aunts and Uncles who all seem to playing with my Mum.

I’m sure there are other reasons they want me to get an iphone too – but that is the main one… I’m sure that’s the best reason or not… I’m still not sold on the idea. Anyone else got reasons I should get an iphone?


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