Changing out of my work clothes

Change out of work clothes

The last couple of days, I haven’t been feeling the best – between a cold sore & PMT, I’ve just been feeling a bit yuck.

On top of that, I have had to work, when I would much rather curl up in bed and sleep.

One thing that has been helping me feel better is to change out of my work clothes & in to my nice new track pants & jumper. They are so warm & cosy.

I picked up my jumper at KMart on Friday night. My sister in law had one & I loved the style – it’s a bit like a windcheater with a hood, but has a cross over front. It is a nice blue and so warm! It was also only $8!

For months I have been saying to myself I need some new track pants. On Saturday, I went shopping with my Mum and we went to Millers, that looked like it was closing down. I picked up some new track pants for $10. And they are also fluffy and warm. It’s been years since I’ve had new track pants.

So, even though I’ve still had to run around after the boys, cook dinner and so on, it feels much better being in my nice warm clothes and cosy slippers (which I got a few weeks from Target for $6).

It doesn’t take much to feel better, just a bit of cosy comfort.


One thought on “Changing out of my work clothes

  1. Great bargins!! I went to the Salvo’s yesterday to buy a book to read. (I like ot buys second hand books) Anyhoo I came out with a fabulous $5 long denim skirit as well as a book! Yay me 🙂

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