Nappy Bag Essentials – the first year!

Essentials for the nappy bag

This is an article I first wrote in 2005 or 2006 for a new parenting site (that isn’t around any more). I thought some of you might find this useful too.

For most first time Parents, the idea of carrying around a nappy bag can be very daunting. Which one should you buy? What should you carry with you? Is that little thingy really necessary? Here are some things I discovered after I had my kids.

The Nappy Bag

We were given a fantastic nappy bag. It was blue, white and yellow check, which hubby considered “manly” enough to carry around too. It also had a zip out change mat, which meant I always had a change mat wit h me. The change mat could also detach completely if necessary.

Inside there were a number of pockets on the side of varying shapes. A small packet of wipes and a box of nappy sacks fit in very well, as did nappy rash cream, bonjela, a dummy and all the other odds and ends we tended to collect as time went on. There was also the odd occasion I put my keys, purse and mobile in there.

There was also a pocket on each end, great for a spare bottle or drinking cup, and one thin one on the front where I kept the kids health centre book, and numerous other pieces of paper I collected!

As Nathaniel grew and I didn’t need to carry quite so muc h , I alternated between a small carry bag t h at fit one nappy, wipes, nappy sacks and a couple of bickies, and a larger h andbag wit h two pockets, one for nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, snacks, etc and t h e ot h er for my purse, keys, mobile, glasses, etc. 

Nappy Bag Essentials

There are a lot of things you can carry in your nappy bag. The essentials at all times were:

– Nappies
– Wipes
– Nappy Sacks (to throw nappies away without smelling!)
– Bib 

When I had a newborn, I added:

– Cloth nappy for spit-up cloth
– Change of clothes for Baby
– Clean T-Shirt for me (in case of leaking or baby sick!)
– Breast pads
– Rattle or other toy, in case a distraction is needed
– Dummy
– Nappy rash cream

As my babies grew, and breastfeeding became more established, I didn’t carry around a top for me or the breast pads, however, I added:

– Snacks once the kids were eating solids
– Spoon in case we were caught out at mealtimes
– Sipper cup (one that doesn’t leak when held upside down!)
– Teething Gel

Once my kids turned one year old, I was able to down size my nappy bag. Now I tend to carry only 1 or 2 nappies with me, along with wipes, nappy sacks, snacks and a sipper cup.

There are also I can go out, and don’t need to carry the nappy bag with me at all!

Originally written around 2005 or 2006 – I don’t need a nappy bag any more!


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