Don’t put it off

Get on to things right away

Last Thursday morning, we were in a car accident. We are all OK, and that is not the point of the post.

As a result of being rear-ended, I hurt my shoulder and neck, and Mr N also has a sore neck. We went right to the doctor to have a check up, and since then I have been back to the doctor and also to the Osteopath.

This brings me to the point of this post. On Sunday I woke up extremely stiff and sore. On Monday, it was feeling better, but I was still very sore. I was tempted to leave it and let nature take its course. This is what a lot of Mums tend to do. I was concerned about the boys and making sure they were OK, but was about to let my own health be pushed to the bottom of the list.

Instead, I spent Monday going back to the doctor and then right to the Osteopath.

Well, I must say that I LOVE my Osteopath. I left the Osteopath feeling much better and I woke this morning able to move, rather than walking like a robot and screaming every time I moved!

I’m so glad that I got on it right away as my shoulder is already feeling better and I’m most likely not going to be suffering for months.

So, the point of this post is for all you Mums – if you’re not feeling right, don’t put it off, go and see the doctor and get it fixed. Trust me, you’ll feel much better for it.


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