I like hanging out the washing

I like hanging out the washing

I have a confession: I like hanging out the washing!

I get outside, away from the kids for a bit, and I’m still doing housework.

When my first son was born, I had post-natal depression (PND), and getting out and hanging the washing was suddenly important. I became obsessive about sorting the pegs – the same colour/style on the clothes, or the line. Sometimes even matching the coloured pegs to the clothes. My psychologist said this was a way of controlling something in my life that otherwise felt out of control. When I was getting better, this obsession left.

I would also get annoyed when visitors suggested, kindly, that I sit & hold the baby and they would hang the washing out. There were a couple of reasons I didn’t like this suggestion – the first was they would stuff up the pegs! The second was I had enough of holding the baby (Mr N had silent reflux and wouldn’t settle) and I wanted to get out & hang the washing!

Even now, hanging the washing is a job I enjoy. We have a covered porch where I can hang washing even when it’s raining, and I like getting out and doing that job. I have my own method of hanging things and it works for me.

The funny thing is that when the boys start to bug me, and I suggest they help, they run the other way and I can get some time away – some “me time”.

It takes more than 5 minutes, but it’s sometimes the thing I do just for me (in response to a blog post I read last night).


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