There is something about a book shop…

Something special about a bookshop

This evening, I had an Osteo appointment and then we were meeting the boys Dad. We left the Osteo around 5:50 with a half hour wait, so we wandered up the street looking for somewhere to grab a snack while we waiting.

Well, half way down the street, I spotted a sign for Readings bookshop and pointed it out to the boys. They got so excited, they ran to get in and find the kids section. We spent a lovely half hour browsing – I had to tell the boys in no uncertain terms that they weren’t going to get a new book until they had finished some of the books they already had!

Both boys have added some books to their wishlists, and we picked up a book to put away for my brand new nephew for Christmas.

I also had a great discussion with one of the staff members about bookshops – she had found my kids excitement amusing. We commented on the closing of Borders (my previously local bookshop) and how wonderful bookshops are, especially for finding new books.

There is just something about a bookshop that is special. It’s one of the few shops my kids and I love to share and all agree to go in and browse. We usually end up buying at least one book, and find a treasure trove of new books. The boys have also been known to go return to school and request books for their school library.

Now, to get them finishing some of the books they have started…


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