Re-writing a story

Re-writing an old story

Back when I was in year 12, I wrote a children’s story. It was really good (if I say so myself). I tried to get it published, but it was rejected – numerous times. So I put it away in a filing cabinet, but didn’t quite forget about it.

Tonight I rewrote it, and it’s much better – except for the last line! That still needs work, but the rest of the story is much better.

Initially the story was based on kids when I was babysitting, now I’ve been drawing on my experiences as a Mum. I think that adds something to the story.

I’m also considering changing the name of the boy in the story…

I’m glad I’ve taken the time to rewrite it. So, watch this space for publishing details – I’m hoping to get it published, and this time making sure it happens!


4 thoughts on “Re-writing a story

  1. Go Supermum! I’m a big believer that everything will fall into place when the time is right. Good on you for never giving up on your dream. Can’t wait till it’s published, put me first on the pre-order list (positive manifestation!!!) xxx

  2. Awesome! I want to illustrate a children’s book one day so I won’t give up on that dream. About to be a first time Mom in December, so I’m sure that some experience as a mother would help give my illustrations life.

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