Get on the bus…

Trying to get on the bus...

If you hadn’t caught up with the news, I was rear-ended a couple of weeks ago. Well, I dropped my car off at the Insurance Assessor this morning, and without a car for a few days.

The boys started a new school this year, so we can no longer a walk to school. I know there is a bus that goes past their new school, but I don’t know what number it is.

So, I’m trying to find out how to get to school by bus for tomorrow morning, then from school to work. Do you think they make it easy??

I have been trying to chart a route from my house to school, and the website is showing it will take at least an hour and 2-3 buses to get to school in the morning!! It takes around 7 minutes to drive to school!

If the government is serious about getting people on to public transport, they could make it easier for people first to find the buses to get where they want to go, and also have more buses that have a direct route.

Oh well, back to the hunt…


2 thoughts on “Get on the bus…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The public transport situation in this city, especially in the middle-outer suburbs is woeful. People say it’s great compared with some places. I wouldn’t know….but I agree it’s ridiculous that it takes so long by bus. To get to uni takes me 20-30 mins by car, but to get there via PT would require 3-4 changes and 2.5 hours +

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