Eight buses!!

Waiting at the bus stop...

So, it’s day 1 without a car. I finally found the route to get to school, and it was only a half hour bus ride, assuming all connections were made on time.

This morning it took around 45 minutes to get the boys to school, so we were early. It then took me another 45 minutes to get to work, the only catch being the bus didn’t arrive until a bit after 9 o’clock, so I was late for work (I normally start at 9.30am). Oh well, I got there in the end.

By the end of today, I had been on eight (8) buses! Two for each trip! The boys had been on four (4) buses.

It was a bit of an adventure, and one that will be repeated tomorrow, though I have booked the boys into before school care (much to their disgust) so that I can get to work on time.

Right now, I’m exhausted, but glad we made it all in one piece, and things weren’t too stressful 🙂 But still – 8 buses!!!


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