I went car shopping today!

My new car... well, maybe!

It’s been nearly a month since my car was rear ended. The insurance company wrote off my car and I’ve been without a car for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been looking online and getting more and more confused as I really didn’t know what I was wanting, other than a car about the same size as the one I had and I had a budget to what I could afford.

So, today I went car shopping. My brother came with me as he knows about cars. It was an interesting exercise. We looked at a number of cars, but there were only a few in my price range. What finally convinced us was a 5 year warranty, as opposed to a 1 year warranty.

We’ve put a deposit down on a red Ford Laser hatchback, and I should get it during the week, the dealer needs to put in a new battery and fix the radio.

So, our days of going on 8 buses a day will soon be over!


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