Changing this blog…

Welcome to My Daggy Life

In my planning, I’ve been struggling to get excited about this blog. There are things I’ve been wanting to write about that don’t fit with the Down with Supermum topic.

I’ve been trying to work out how things would fit, and the simple answer is this – they don’t!

A while ago I read a post on what to do with a stale blog. I can’t find that post or I’d link to it… One tip was to start again, which is what I’ve decided to do.

I’ve registered and am just waiting for it to propagate so we can set up the blog.

I chose the name because I am a dag – I’ve never been trendy or popular and don’t seem to do things the way everyone else does. So, welcome to My Daggy Life.

While you’re waiting for the blog to be set up, it would be great if you would head over to my Facebook page and like it. This way you will be notified when the blog is up and running.

Thank you for supporting Down with Supermum over the last few months. I really appreciate the support.


3 thoughts on “Changing this blog…

  1. That is so funny. I’ve already joined your new blog and I had no idea it was you!!! Looking foward to seeing what Daggy stuff you get up to 🙂

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