When an idea doesn’t leave you alone…

Writing a book…

Have you ever had one of those ideas that doesn’t leave you alone? I do, and I’ve had quite a few…. and the title of this blog has been one of them.

Recently, someone I know on a forum did a Google search on me and stumbled on this blog. She read it from start to finish and loved it! She couldn’t understand why I stopped…

To be honest, I have had ideas running around in my head that would fit really well with this topic, I have haven’t blogged about them.

After my forum friend contacted me, I started thinking seriously about it. One of the reasons I stopped is because I’d much rather write a book (or 2 or 3 or…). So, she’s spurred me on to write a book.

I have a number of different topics in my head, including some of the topics I’ve already blogged about here and others that I haven’t blogged about yet.

As it will be aimed at busy Mums, I want each section/topic to be around the length of a blog post – around 500 words. I also want it to be easy for Mum’s to pick up and put down as they get interrupted by kids.

I would like to hear from you – are there areas you struggle with as a Mum that might be helpful…? I want this to be useful as well as an enjoyable read. Please, add a comment or post on my Facebook page and let me know.


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