Don’t put it off

Make an appointment

I made myself a doctors appointment this morning. It’s for after lunch, and it’s something I’ve been putting off for a few weeks.

I’ve used every excuse under the sun – I have to work, I have the boys with me, I have to take the boys to their appointments, or there’s something else that means I don’t have time to make this appointment a priority.

The last few weeks I haven’t been sleeping very well and getting more and more tired, and this is never a good sign. I’ve known I needed to go to see the doctor for some time, but have been putting it off.

Unfortunately, this is something that is not unique to me – many Mum’s do the same thing. They try to muddle on and push through the pain. So many other things present themselves as a higher priority – kids, work, study, housework, and whatever else we have in our lives.

By putting off doctors appointments, little niggles can become much, much worse. We often hear that early detection of illness means the recovery is faster. If it is something with our kids, we are down to the doctor as fast as we can, but if it’s something for ourselves, then we put it off. The irony here is not lost on me at all.

My challenge today is to make sure I attend my appointment, and make sure I make any follow up appointments that may be needed, not pushing them to one side and making everything else a priority.


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